Firearms: For moose or bear, any .30 caliber from 300 magnum to 375 is good medicine. And since most bears are taken under 200 yards, a heavy penetrating bullet is best. Remember to bring plenty of ammo.

Clothing: Dress in "quiet" fabrics such as wool and polar fleece. These materials will keep you the warmest when it gets cold & wet. Remember to dress in layers. Bring extra warm socks and gloves and good comfortable, broken-in hunting boots.

Optics: You'll need good binoculars and a quality spotting scope. This is no country for bargain optics or showpieces. Bring a spare set of optics in the event of fogging

Other stuff: There's lots here to show the family back home, so pack a camera and film. And don't forget a to bring a small flashlight, batteries, and other small necessities. If you have allergies or other medical conditions, make sure to bring your medication. If you have a physical condition that requires a special diet, or have any handicaps, let us know before the hunt so that appropriate arrangements can be made to accommodate you.