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Little Delta Lodge is situated in the foothills of the Alaska Range in the state's interior. The camp was established in 1961 by the late Lawrence Roberts. Henry Budney purchased the Little Delta Camp in 1967. He ran the operation for 16 years, and then turned the guiding over to Fred.

Now Henry helps spot game and entertains the clients. Nightly sessions around the campfire are filled with fantastic stories of 45 years of big game hunting in Alaska and around the world. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

The base camp consists of several log sleeping cabins, a larger log building for leisurely dining and post-hunt relaxation, and a meat house to store the spoils of your successul hunt. Spike camps are 12 x 14 foot wall tents on wood frames. All tents and cabins are equipped with wood stoves and cots or bunks.

To make your great Alaskan experience even better, there'll never be more than 3 or 4 hunters in camp at one time.