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Fred has been hunting moose in these parts for over 17 years. He says he's seen more big moose this year than ever. A lot of the bull have racks in excess of 60". With a success rate of 90%, there's no doubt Fred will find you your trophy bull, all you have to do is be patient and pull the trigger. They're definitely out there for the taking.

Moose are distributed over a great part of Canada and Alaska. Their habitat varies immensely. Generally moose are where you find them, sometimes at the very tops of the highest mountains, in the thickest of spruce forests, and in open willow flats.

Moose nugget. The Alaskan-Yukon moose is the largest antlered animal in the world. The largest moose tocome out of this area so far had a 68" spread — a massive beast with double brow points and mammoth matching points out the back of the palms above the brow tines. The antlers weigh 70 pounds! It officially ranks 10th in the SCI Record Book of Trophies.